We buy and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

At Wraysbury Car Spares & Metals we collect and recycle all types ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We do not provide a collection service but are more than happy for you to deliver your scrap metal directly to our yard.


Ferrous Metals

Examples of ferous scrap metal include cast iron, and wrought iron. There are also some types of steel, like carbon steel, and stainless steel which fall into the ferrous metal category. We accept any kind of iron or steel, if in doubt, give us a call.


Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals include the likes of aluminium, brass, copper, lead, nickel and zinc. These types of metals are non-magnetic, making them easy to identify.

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Value for money for your scrap metal

If you’re looking to sell scrap metal, it’s highly likely that you’ll get more for your money if you have a large quantity of scrap metal to recycle.


Scrap dealers are usually keener to buy your scrap metal if they can acquire it in bulk, which in turn reduces the overall cost.

Drop-off or let us collect your scrap metal

If you live in the local area you can simply drop-off your ferrous or non-ferrous scrap metals to our scrap yard. If you have a large amount of scrap metal which you can’t drop-off, please call us and we’ll try to arrange collection.

For large collections call: 01784 491 414

The current market value (priced per tonne) will determine what we pay out for scrap metals.

We can only pay for scrap metal using:

  • Cheque
  • BACS transfer to your bank account

Due to changes in legistlation, we no longer pay cash for scrap metal. You will need to provide us with photographic ID such as a current driving licence or a passport. Along with a proof of address such as a utility bill (last 3 months).

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 (England & Wales Only)

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 achieved Royal Assent on 28 February 2013 and its measures are expected to be implemented with effect from 1 October 2013. The new Act repeals the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 and Part 1 of the Vehicles (Crime) Act 2001, creating a revised regulatory regime for the scrap metal recycling and vehicle dismantling industries in England and Wales.

The cashless trading measures brought into force via the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 are incorporated into the new Act, which also closes off loopholes in the earlier legislation by drawing vehicle dismantlers and former itinerant collectors into the cashless trading regime. Other changes include a new requirement for scrap metal dealers to verify the full names and addresses of sellers. Click on the following links to view the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act.

Cash Trading

From 3 December 2012, changes to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 made it illegal to buy scrap metal for cash in England and Wales, and that remains in force under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 (see above). BMRA members can find further information about options for non-cash payment in members’ bulletins and on the members’ area of the web site. If you sell metal to a scrap metal dealer, do not expect to be paid in cash; if the dealer does he will be breaking the law.

Home Office guidance on cashless payments for scrap metal was issued on 24 October 2012 and may be found at www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/crime/scrap-metal-guidance?view=Standard&pubID=1086133.

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